Saturday, November 19, 2011


A lot of people seem to like SUPER TROOPERS the most, but my favorite Broken Lizard movie is CLUB DREAD. The story is about a Slasher-style killer killing the dick out of people on a private resort island ran by some 3rd-rate Jimmy Buffett burnout hilariously played by Bill Paxton. The Broken Lizard guys are all employees on the island.

After the standard Slasher movie opening kill, we're introduced to Lars who is a new employee arriving for his first day on the job with a new batch of vacationers. The boat that brings them leaves and they are now alone on the island with no way off. Partying and non-Christian behavior ensues. Before long the killings are discovered, but with their only radio destroyed the staff are forced to keep the murders secret (or risk cause starting a mass panic) and try to catch the killer themselves.

That might sound serious, but trust me it's not. The entire movie the Broken Lizard guys are up to non-stop crazy shit including foul language, overindulging in alcoholic beverages, non-physician prescribed usage of illegal drugs, premarital fornicating and countless hilarious one-liners. Besides the funny script and the beautiful ladies I think another reason I like this movie so much is the island itself is absolutely gorgeous!

If you enjoy raunchy, funny movies then CLUB DREAD is for you but make sure when you jump to squeeze your ass cheeks together or water will fly up your butthole and pulverize your intestines. But make sure to watch the edit version, that's right the edited version, for whatever reason the uncut version is just a bunch of unneeded story stuff that only slows the movie down.

A few NSFW tits.