Thursday, November 10, 2011


Way the fuck back like 700 years or so there was a King. He was raised to be King and his palace guards are some dudes that were actually raised from childhood to protect him at all costs. Among the kids was a dude named Hong Lim and at a very young age the King took him underneath his wing and raised him as a friend/lover. Of course when he became of age the King took a wife, but they never had children because he was unable. The King is under intense pressure from the Emperor and others to produce a prince that will continue the royal dynasty.

So, since he cannot have children, the King talks to Hong Lim about secretly banging out the Queen and makin babies! At first Hong Lim is deeply troubled over this, but since he loves the King so much he reluctantly agrees and wouldn't you know it, the Queen and him even though they start off cold before long they're having a heated love affair. The King grows suspicious...

I have zero idea if any of this is actually historically accurate or not and I don't care. It was a engaging story and for the first 90 minutes I was really into it, but by time the 130 minute mark rolled by I was really for it to fucking end. I really think a better director (Ang Lee?) could have streamlined the story and beefed up the character development a little better. Still it's a good movie, nothing to get all excited over, but I would probably watch it again. Recommended, if you're into this type of movies. Of all the performances I thought Ju Jin Mo as the King was the best. He was very tender at the beginning, but eventually got more and more bitter as events unfolded...what a departure from his role in 200 POUND BEAUTY! Wow.

A few NSFW screenshots.