Monday, July 23, 2012


IAKWYDLS (or IKWYDLS3 as I like to call it) has no connection with either IKWYDLS or ISKWYDLS. There's some mention of a Fisherman legend or whatever, but that's it. The film opens with a group of nerds hanging out at a carnival. Suddenly The Fisherman shows up and starts chasing people around. Ends up it's just a retarded prank by the teenagers, but when they find out somebody died during the prank chaos they all swear to keep the joke a secret. I'm sure you can guess what happens next? That's right, the Fisherman's ghost travels from his grave in the Caribbean all the way to Colorado to haunt these goobers and chase them around with a hook and send them text messages.

Graded against every other Slasher movie ever made in the last 10 years IAKWYDLS is about average since nearly every Slasher movie ever made in the last 10 years pretty much sucks. Poopy looking special effects, dead in the water story, annoying characters, zero gore, very little blood, silly looking bad guy and worse of all is just the way the general look of the movie. I don't know what you call that grainy/lame colour effect, but it sucked. I say skip this turkey with a vengeance and never look back. The only redeeming value IAKWYDLS has it it stars that really pretty girl from the underrated insect attack movie INFESTATION, but sadly she's totally wasted here.

Part 1
Part 2

More like 92 minutes, amirite?