Thursday, July 26, 2012


I don't think anybody has ever mistaken MUTANT HUNT for a great movie...if they have they're a fucking idiot, but it is a fun movie (to laugh at) and sometimes that's all you need.

Set in the near future, MUTANT HUNT tells the heartwarming story of a bunch of peaceful cyborgs who like to get high. One of the side effects of a cyborg getting high is they get pleasure from killing humans. Sounds reasonable enough. Humanity's only hope at stopping these bloodthirsty "jellyheads" is tighty-whitey wearing, robot bounty hunter Matt Riker. Aaaaannd that's about it. Matt and his buddies wander around deserted industrial areas, fight a few robots, mention the "space shuttle sex massacre", eat Chinese take out, fight some punks, elbow a woman in the face and eventually locate the evil dude that drugged the cyborgs and kick his ass. The End.

Only worth watching if you're into this sort of super low budget, 80's action garbage and even then I don't recommend watching it alone. Boredom might set in. I was almost in a full blown coma by final showdown, but with some like-minded friends over you should have a fun time.
Clothing visible even though she's getting out of the shower.