Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well, that pesty ol' phone call loving ghost is back again. And I think it might actually have been the ghost from the original film, but by that point in the film I'd already given up hope and I was struggling just to stay awake. The only thing that might've roused me from my stupor is when the main characters started an email attack on the demon possessed computer in order to flood its Inbox and cause it to explode (cause that's how Inboxes work)...and you know what? That's exactly what happened, so you can't say that ONE MISSED CALL FINAL doesn't deliver. Now let's just hope that it delivers on that "final" part also.

The story is about a group of high school kids on a class trip. One of their classmates hung herself due to bullying (you know I'm not even sure this is correct, but who cares?) and now her friend or a ghost or somebody is giving "death calls" to the students and they have an option to forward the "death call" to another person! That aspect was actually kinda cool and funny, but unfortunately the story just kept getting more and more convoluted as it went on until I heard bubbling sounds coming from inside my brain so I stopped thinking so hard.

Zero gore, crappy CG effects, offscreen kill scenes, zero tits, main character using sign language, respectable body count, confusing storyline. Of the four films I've seen I liked the beginning of this film probably the best, but it quickly went to Hell. Skip it, hell skip the entire goddamn series and never look back. The only reason to watch any of these films is Kazue Fukiishi in the original and she dies half way through!

Part 1
Part 2

Take that you demon possessed Inbox...I mean monitor...what the Hell? Oh God, my brain's bubbling again.