Friday, August 16, 2013


Horrorless horror movie from the King of Horror Stephen King about a mother/son pair of shapeshifting vampire/cat creatures that can turn invisible and make other things change shape.  The secret of their power is the mothers ability to suck the lifeforce out of female virgins.  Ooookay.

When the film begins they've just fled California and relocated in Indiana.  The son enters high school and sets his sights on the supersexy Madchen Amick from "Twin Peaks".  Wise choice, but instead of just killing her when she's over at his crib, he attacks her while out on a date!  What an idiot.  When he attacks her she pokes him in the eye and alerts the cops.  Now the pigs are kicking in the door.

I wanted to like this film, but there's just not a lot going on.  The mother/son duo are unlikable with their incest and cat murdering, plus you never get a clear view of what all powers they have or what they're capable of or what their goal even is!  I guess it's just to live another day so they can bang more.  Creepy bastards.  The action was lame, the violence was lightweight, zero gore, zero nudity.  If it wasn't for Madchen Amick's beautiful face and the mention of "dim" I probably would have fallen asleep.  Barely worth a watch, barely.
 Mr. Pibb

 Stephen King and Clive Barker with Tobe Hooper in the background.

Stephen King and Tobe Hooper.