Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Some icky slug creatures from outer space land on Earth near a college and start jumping into people's mouths and turning them into zombies...right in time for the big formal dance.  "The good news is your dates are here."  "What's the bad news?"  "They're dead.

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS should have made a buttload of money, since it's a highly entertaining and fun 80's alien invasion/zombie movie, but for whatever stupid reason, it only opened in a handful of theaters (Box Office Mojo says 70) on a brutal weekend where it went head-to-head against ALIENS, THE FLY, STAND BY ME, TOP GUN, TCM2, THE KARATE KID II, BACK TO SCHOOL, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF and more!  It never had a chance, but luckily for us horror nerds it managed to avoid falling into obscurity and nowadays we can enjoy this clever 80's classic whenever we want.

Steady pace, imaginative and engaging story, likeable characters and a bad guy (the Bradster) who's really not so dislikable, good special effects, Dick Miller, funny script, a few topless scenes, a flamethrower, Stryper graffiti, MONSTER SQUAD graffiti, attractive girls all over the place, but none as attractive as Jill Whitlow.  Holy skydiving sloth testicles she was ridiculously hot in this film.  Quite possibly the hottest chick in any 80' horror movie ever!

Modern audiences will probably find the whole thing dated, but fans of 80's horror will enjoy it.  Recommended.