Thursday, December 26, 2013

ROCKY III (1982)

This is the one with Mr. T in it.

After winning the championship at the end of Part II, Rocky goes on to defend his crown numerous times.  At the same time, a brutal up-and-comer (Mr. T as Clubber Lang) has been climbing the ranks.  With tons of money in the bank and some serious health issues, Rocky decides to retire.  This doesn't site well with the new top contender: Lang.  Lang starts talking so much shit that Rocky agrees to fight him.  Stuff happens and who else but Apollo Creed comes to help Rocky train for the big showdown with Mr. T.

Artistically it might not be up the the standards of the first Rocky film, but as far as entertainment goes III is a lot of fun.  Mr. T plays a great bad guy, the charity match with wrestler Hulk Hogan is awesome, the training with Apollo makes you wanna dropkick the TV and go run up and down the beach until your lungs explode and that ending ohhh sheeeiiiiitttt!!!  This movie has the eye of the tiger like a motherfucker!

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