Sunday, June 6, 2010

NEW MOON (2009)

I loved the first 20 minutes with Edward and Bella hanging out at school. That was rad.  What they should have done was make Bella a vampire then just write a million stories about them going from high school to high school together for the next few thousand years.  Anyway for whatever stupid reason Edward gets super moody and starts thinking that that if he leaves, the cold turkey approach will work and "BAM!" she'll no longer be in love. So now Bella is super lonely and goes into a deep depression until she finally gets so lonely she's even willing to hang out with that creepy doucher Jacob.  Ends up he has a supernatural secret of his own.

Other stuff happens, but I'm not going to tell you. My biggest problem is Edward is the most interesting character in the story and there was a long period where he was gone. During that time I kinda started disliking Bella, because she's vapid and selfish and helpless. Edward's too good for her, but goddamn it she has a sweet body on her!

Despite the presence of the human sized tampon, Jacob, I really liked this movie and laughed a lot! It was great! I can't wait until Part 3, but I have a bad feeling that Bella's gonna piss me off, by shitting on Edward. I hope I'm wrong.

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