Friday, June 1, 2012


I have no idea how historically accurate this movie is and I don't care, because it was a lot of fun to watch. Set in 117 AD, CENTURION is about a Roman soldier, Michael Fassbender, stationed in a remote outpost in what I'm guessing is modern day Scotland. The inhabitants of the land, the Picts, aren't so happy about the Roman invaders but they're doing a very good job of fighting them off by using a primitive form of guerrilla warfare. After one intense raid on the Roman fort (one Roman dude got a spear to the dick while he was pissing!), Fassbender is taken prisoner because he can speak the Pict language.

At the same time the local governor wants to make an impression on the administration back in Rome so he sends the Ninth Legion to wipe out the Picts completely. Stuff happens and after a few exciting scenes the Ninth has been massacred except for a captured general and seven soldiers who remain free. The soldiers head out to rescue the general. A lot more happens but you'll just have to check it out for yourself.

I really enjoyed this movie. The story was fast and entertaining as hell, strong direction, the action was awesome (this one dude gets an arrow in the back during a fight so he breaks it off and stabs the person he's fighting in the eye with it! Holy fuck!), the scenery was absolutely beautiful (make sure to watch the Extras on the DVD for more about the filming conditions), the main tracker chick was a badass and you got Michael Fassbender. I'm mean fuck what else do you want?! Hot naked chicks? Well, yeah that would have nice but it didn't happen. Sorry.

Hot naked chicks aside, if you enjoy gritty, action-packed hack and slash movies then check out CENTURION. Maybe not worth a purchase, but definitely worth a rent.