Thursday, June 28, 2012


A remake of the underwhelming original shouldn't have been too hard. All you had to do was completely rewrite the story so that it actually made sense, then add in awesome amounts of violence, hot females, hot dudes, nudity, gore, good music, non bullshit special effects, genuine scares, intelligent dialogue and a quick pace that left the audience begging for more. As simple as that!

Is that what we got? Hell 2 tha naw! The American ONE MISSED CALL is just as bullshit as the original Japanese version. The only and I mean only improvement is the story might have been just a little bit more understandable. The biggest disappointment was the lack of attractive females. What the hell? It's bad enough that the film is face-punchingly stupid, but then they make it even worse by not providing anybody attractive to ease my pain! Bullshit! Skip this turd. Oh yeah, the story's about a ghost haunting people through phone calls or something. Skip it.

Part 1 - One Missed Call (2003)
Part 2 - One Missed Call 2 (2005)
Part 3 - One Missed Call 3: Final (2006)