Friday, June 22, 2012


Early Audie Murphy western (that also stars a young James Best and Tony Curtis) features Murphy as a young Jesse James who along with his brother and three friends leave Missouri after seeing his family slaughtered by "red leggers". They want to join the militia of William Quantrill, a Confederate guerrilla leader who claims to be helping the South but in reality is just killing everybody he sees to line his pockets. Once James comes to see this he's disheartened but still sticks by Quantrill. Even with the Union Army breathing down their necks.

How historically accurate is KANSAS RAIDERS? I have no fucking idea, I figure probably not too much, but it's still a entertaining watch and worth your time if your into such things. There's plenty of action and the pace is fast. My only major complaint would be Marguerite Chapman who played Quantrill's wife looked really old. According to Wikipedia when he died his wife was only 17.  Marguerite Chapman was 32.  But who was 17 in 1950?  Elizabeth Taylor.  Mmm. I'm just sayin'.