Saturday, February 23, 2013


Mildly interesting early Burt Lancaster flick with Burt as a member of the French Foreign Legion who finds himself imprisoned due to punching his commanding officer (he was beating a woman).  Finally he's lead a bunch of guys on a suicide mission to distract an advancing army for five days until reinforcements arrive.  After locating the enemy camp Burt discovers that two rival factions are joining force based upon an upcoming marriage.  Burt and gang kidnap the bride to be.  She's like a wild animal and tries to kill them at every turn (even crushing one dude with a horse), but once she gets a gander at Burt's ol' baby blues she melts like butter.

For an old timey Saturday afternoon time waster TEN TALL MEN to alright.  The pace is okay, the acting passable, the action scenes forgettable, the Morocco settings look a lot like Southern California (including that cave that's been in like a million movies), the Moroccan people don't look very Moroccan and the comedy absolutely terrible.  It would have been much better if they had skipped the unfunny comedy bits and just made it a serious action movie.  Worth a watch for Lancaster fans.  Everybody else should probably just pass.