Monday, February 11, 2013


I've always thought of this as the rip-off Friday the 13th.  The story is after Tommy kills Jason in Part 4 Tommy's now a teenager in need of mental supervision.  While staying at a secluded home for troubled teens he keeps seeing visions of Jason, but things get even worse when "Jason" shows up and starts killing people.  Of course by now I'm pretty sure everybody in the known universe knows it's not actually Jason, but some puny dude dressed up as a bullshit Jason.  Even the first time watching the movie it's way easy to tell it's not the real Jason.  Mainly because the kills are lame as fuck.  The best kill of the movie isn't even by "Jason" but by the actor who played Suicide in THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.  And speaking of ROTLD, there's also an appearance from Spider!

Sadly, the ROTLD memories you get from seeing these two guys are the highlight of A NEW BEGINNING.  Well, that and this Friday has the most nudity of them all.  Weak kills, weak-looking "Jason", bad special effects, New Wave chick breakdancing, A PLACE IN THE SUN on TV, Corey Feldman cameo, the shallowest grave since ZOMBIE, attractive waitress, the highest pitched scream by a male in the history of horror movies, disappointing ending...and speaking of disappointing why didn't "Jason" throw Junior's head through the window and into the pot of stew Ethel was making?  That would have been awesome! 

Not a terrible movie (I still watch it once or twice a year) and quote Reggie the Reckless all the time, but it could have been better.

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