Friday, February 8, 2013

FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

Back in 1957, a physically deformed and intellectually disabled child, Jason Voorhees, drowns at Camp Crystal Lake while the supervising counselors were off bumping uglies.  A year later (the opening of the movie), two camp counselors are murdered while banging.  The camp is shut down.  Now 22 years later, the camp is opening back up for business.  But first it needs some repairs, so two weeks before the grand opening a small group of counselors descend on Camp Crystal Lake to fix it up a bit: mount old half-destroyed archery targets out on the archery range, hang up a rain gutter with the worst hammering job in movie history and remove a tree stump, cause god knows there's nothing worse than a tree stump in the middle of a forest.  Anyway, somebody doesn't take kindly to all of these improvements and starts killing everybody.  Who could it be?!

As far as the Friday the 13th series goes, Part 1 is probably the weakest of the first 8 (after Part 8 the series just goes all to shit), but it's still an enjoyable film and interesting to see how the series evolved from a standard early slasher film to within a few years (Parts 3 & 4) being super awesome!

Somewhat dated, but still an enjoyable ride and a fun film to revisit.

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