Friday, August 23, 2013


I enjoyed this movie.  Jack (played by that zombie dude from WARM BODIES) is a simple farm boy who accidentally gets a hold of some magic beans.  Stuff happens and next thing you know the princess, who he has the hots for, gets carried away up into the clouds on the giant beanstalk.  The king is not happy about this and orders his men (and Jack) to climb the towering beanstalk and rescue the princess.  When they get to the top they discover a lost world of giants.  Oh...and two of the guys that go with Jack up the beanstalk are traitorous assholes.

With this kind of story the filmmakers could have gone all kinds of ways from silly as hell to super duper serious, but I think they made the wise choice by going in the middle.  The story itself is serious, but the whole thing kinda has a light feel to it.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!  Honestly I wish the film had been even longer and explored the giant world a little bit more.  Also more screen time for the princess would have been nice.

As it is though, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER is a fun fantasy adventure film with a quick pace, good acting by a talented cast, impressive special effects and an entertaining story.  Recommended, although I am curious what ever happened to the cat?