Monday, December 13, 2010


After the darkness and originality of the first installment, the ANOES series poops itself a little with this poorly written sequel...but it's still fun to watch if you're looking for a good laugh.

A new family has moved into Nancy's old house. They have a teenage son who's gay (this is never expressly said, I'm simply basing my opinion on the fact that he goes to a gay bar in his wet pajamas; strips his coach naked, ties him up and spanks his bare ass while he, himself, is naked; freaks out when he's about to get busy with a girl; rubs his butt on furniture and dances like Billy Squier in the "Rock Me Tonite" video).  Somehow, Freddy manifests himself as the dude's fear of being gay and uses that fear to kill people...or something.  I'm not really sure.  I do know that at one point Freddy crashes a pool party and makes hot dog wieners explode.  That was amusing and made no sense at all.

Zero tits, multiple topless men and bare man asses, non-stop gay hijinks, Freddy running around in public, very little blood, zero gore, Fu Man Chews, the main dude looking like Gary Newman after getting hit with an ugly stick, bad lighting, butt bumping a dresser drawer shut, Ferris Bueller's dad, male crotch thrusting, Clu Gulager saying the word "rabies" and most surprisingly...very little screen time for Freddy.

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