Saturday, May 7, 2011


Freddy flying around on a broom while dressed as a witch; Freddy doing somersaults; Freddy playing a video game on his "power glove"...I'm guessing at this point in the series, the filmmakers had completely given up on making a good movie and simply slapped together a bunch of goofy, surrealist, comedy ideas in hopes of making a quick buck based off of the popularity of the series.

"Ten years from now" Freddy has killed all of the kids in Springwood.  And, I guess, he's trapped in town or something, I don't know, but anyway, some kids at a nearby youth shelter are having bad dreams.  So one of the counselor's decides that a field trip to Springwood would help...bad idea.  Soon Freddy has killed three whole people!  Wow.

I've watched ANOES6 multiple times over the years, but I always end up bored and confused as to why the filmmakers thought this story was a good idea.  Freddy has been reduced to somebody who was kinda scary in the first film to now a comedy figure cracking off non-stop, shitty dad jokes that aren't even remotely funny.  Also, the Freddy make-up in this film looked like poop.

Skip it.

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Freddy looks like somebody walked in on him taking a shit.