Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think Part 4 is where the series became less about the story and more about Freddy simply running around killing people while popping off goofy one-liners.

The three survivors from from the last installment have moved on with their lives.  They're now in a normal high school with new friends...then the bad dreams start up again.  Oh fuck!  So quicker than you can say "Deep-fried Kruger gooch", Freddy is killing people in their dreams and making it look like natural causes or accidents.  Kristen (from Part 3, but played by another actress) knows it's that burnt-face pussy Freddy, but nobody will believe her.  Not that that even matters.

Anyway, Part 4 is alright.  The kills are entertaining, but the same can't be said for the new batch of victims.  They're a bland bunch: the nerd with asthma, the lean tough girl, the studly jock, the charismatic black guy, the virginal main chick...yawn!!!  Halfway through the movie, I started missing the gay teenager with the old man body from Part 2!

A teenager turned into a roach, Robert Englund wearing a nurse uniform, a really cool scene in a movie theater where a character falls into the screen, the infamous soul pizza, two super fast topless shots, a dog pissing fire, one shot where there is at least 5 crew members onscreen, lame soundtrack, 80's fashions, boring ending.

For a soulless sequel ANOES4 is watchable.

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Is that the entire film crew?!