Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I wasn't against a "reboot" of the ELM STREET franchise, mainly because some of the latter films were junk, but this remake is completely bland and soulless. It's shot in an ultraslick way that I dislike, the story is just an unoriginal abbreviated version of bits and pieces of various moments from the original series, the actors are all (with the exception of Freddy himself and, of course, Clancy Brown) boring and forgettable, there's zero tension, loud jump scenes and loud noises throughout the movie, very little blood or gore, zero nudity and worse of all it doesn't push the envelope at all.

Freddy was a child molester, but yet when he returns from the dead and captures these kids he doesn't have any sexual desires at all and just kills them. I would really like to see a "reboot" of the ELM STREET series made by somebody that wouldn't be scared to get into the dark psychological elements of the story. David Lynch or Larry Clark would be a great choice. I'd even be happy just reading a novelization of the story by somebody like Brian Keene or Edward Lee. Now that would be exciting!!!

I was worried that the new actor playing Freddy was gonna suck, but he was actually pretty good and at moments kinda scary...too bad the script was shit and he kinda looked like a fish with Down syndrome. Watch it if you want. It's watchable, just not very memorable.

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