Saturday, April 30, 2016


After the "James Bond in space" lunacy of MOONRAKER, I guess the filmmakers wanted to get back to a more traditional spy story with this next installment so they opened the film up with Bond using a helicopter to dump a guy in a wheelchair down a giant smokestack.

After killing the handicapped guy, Bond is ordered to retrieve a Top Secret Navy device called the Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator (ATAC) that was recently lost in a boat accident off the coast of Greece.  And he can use any means necessary...even if it means having premarital sex!!!

So off to Greece (or somewhere) he goes and before you can say "Super spy snizz." James has blown up a Lotus, crashed a prostitute pool party, banged some chick, went skiing, went diving, got shot at a bunch of times, crashed a car, turned down some pussy, climbed a mountain, ate dinner with that one guy from "Game of Thrones", got gawked at by that one guy from the other Bond movies, had a motorcycle thrown at him, gets attacked by some hockey players, hung out with a parrot, gets attacked by goons in dune buggies and has a gun pointed at him by that other guy from "Game of Thrones".  It's all very...expected, but still amusing.

As far as Bond films go I actually liked this one.  Although I'm still confused as to why he turned down the pussy by that one chick.  She was pretty hot.  Oh well, it's still worth a watch for spy movie fans.

Three thunderballs out of five.

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