Monday, October 10, 2011

SCREAM 2 (1997)

After an absolutely dismal opening act SCREAM 2 gets a little better in the second half before crashing into an iceberg of confusion and dying a slow death. The events of the first film have now been made into a movie called STAB and during a preview showing two annoying assholes are stabbed to death, but only after we are forced to listen to their submental conversation for 10 painful minutes.

Sidney (played again by Neve Campbell) is now attending college and living a relatively peaceful life along with the movie nerd from the first film and a whole bunch of new characters. When these new murders occur Sidney is again put in the media spotlight, so in swoop returning characters Courteney Cox as an investigative reporter and David Arquette as a concerned hometown friend. Various secondary characters get killed off, but overall I just didn't give a fuck. Any originality of the first one is gone and replaced with tired popular culture references...the a cappella reenactment of "I Think I Love You" from TOP GUN being the most soul raping.

As a stand alone horror movie SCREAM 2 is poop. The story is alright, but the killer doesn't have the disquieting presence he had in the first film, the kills are weak and unimaginative, zero nudity, zero gore, very little blood, the killer is easy to guess and the end drags on forever. Worth watching, I guess, but just barely. The highlight of the movie to me was Sarah Michelle Gellar's short appearance.

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