Saturday, June 2, 2012

THE GREY (2011)

A planeload of oil workers crashes somewhere way off in the Alaskan wilderness. There's only a handful of survivors. The weather outside is freezing cold but their biggest concern is a huge pack of highly aggressive wolves that seem to have a fierce hankerin for human flesh.

I'm kinda torn about THE GREY. On the one hand I really liked the serious tone of the film, the sadness in Liam's character and the filming style, but on the other hand...[SPOILERS!!!] that ending. What. The. Fuck? I really hated that ending. I know it was trying to be super dramatic or something, but I just found it lazy. Imagine if in ALIENS when Ripley goes to look for Newt and when the elevator doors open...the film ends. Or if in THE ROAD WARRIOR when Max leave the compound and the marauders start chasing him...the film ends. Or if in LICENSE TO DRIVE when Les has to drive his pregnant mother to the hospital...the film ends. That's exactly what I felt like watching THE GREY. You spend nearly two hours building up all this heavy tension for a final badass fight and...end credits. Fuck THE GREY. Also why wasn't there any bears? That would have been awesome!

Strangely enough, even with that world class shitty ending ending I still recommend the film. Yeah, the guys do some dumb shit and the ending is garbage, but other than that I really enjoyed the film. The wolves were great and I loved watching them kill the shit out of humans.