Monday, June 18, 2012


Medical student Herbert West has discovered the secret of bringing the dead back to least in animals. So to prove that it can work on humans he and his roommate sneak into the hospital morgue and pump a recently dead dude full of his reagent. Good news is it works. Bad news is now you got a rampaging zombie on the loose. Even worse is the zombie kills the school's dean. That's definitely going on your permanent record. Zombie hijinks ensue.

I used to love RE-ANIMATOR when I was a teenagers, but watching it now again as a handsome old man, I was surprised at how badly it's aged. Yeah, it's got some memorable moments, but compared other zombie classics like 1985's THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD or 1992's DEAD ALIVE RE-ANIMATOR hasn't aged too well. With both of those films the story is engaging and imaginative with memorable characters and insane violence. With RE-ANIMATOR the story is fine, but the overall look of the film is dated, the special effects look cheap and the violence is nowhere as prevalent as I remember. There are a few topless scenes though.

Legendary zombie film that's worth checking out, but I honestly doubt I'll ever watch it again.