Tuesday, May 31, 2011


From what I've read after Michael's death in Part 2 John Carpenter wanted to continue making Halloween themed films each year, but each with a different story. Interesting idea and I actually enjoyed this movie. A lot of that enjoyment came from Dan O'Herlihy's disturbing performance as the evil guy who is making Halloween mask that's will not only kill all of the children that put them on, but also make them barf up enormous amounts of bugs and spiders and small snakes and even large rattlesnakes! Holy fuck!!!

And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for the meddling, sexy daughter (Stacey Nelkin from GOING APE!) of a guy killed after he discovered O' Herlihy's diabolical plan. At the beginning of the movie the father is nearly killed and ends up in the hospital. Later that night an assassin comes in and crushes his skull. The sexy daughter doesn't take kindly to some stranger crushing her daddy's head so she starts snooping around and with the help of the ER doctor (horror veteran Tom Atkins from CREEPSHOW, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS) who was treating her father they discover that there's something not quite kosher going on at the Silver Shamrock mask factory. They go to investigate...

As a stand alone film HALLOWEEN III is a interesting movie and with a bigger budget might have actually been more successful, but as it is the obvious low budget undermines the creepiness of the story. During scenes that should have been ominous or sinister I was too distracted by the cheapness of the sets to be scared. Despite this Dan O'Herlihy did an outstanding job. My thoughts might have drifted in some scenes, but when he was on the screen he had my complete attention. Worth at least one watch.

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This scene was highly disturbing. If I had seen it as a child it would have fucked me up.

 That dude is the shitty-looking fireman hat was very distracting with his overacting facial expressions.