Friday, October 21, 2011


Maybe I'm in the minority, but I liked Part 3 and even thought it was better than the second one. The island of Isla Sorna has been declared a restricted area and Dr. Alan Grant has no intention of ever going there (remember the film was set on Isla Nublar), but shit happens and before you know it he's once again frolicking amongst the dinosaurs. And by frolicking I mean running in absolute terror for his fucking life!

Along for the terror are a some expendable characters and a few with recognizable faces, so they're probably gonna live, like William H. Macy and Tea Leoni who are in search of there lost kid who disappeared on Isla Sorna eight weeks ago. For the rest of the movie it's just them running around like crazy with dinosaurs snapping at their butt cheeks the entire time. On top of the T-Rex and the raptors there's some new dinosaurs like a pissed off Spinosaurus and some Pteranodons who can fucking fly! Oh shit!

Despite Tea Leoni's annoying haircut I really liked this movie and thought it was pretty exciting. My favorite scenes are the discovery in the lab (holy fuck that was awesome) and the birdcage. After all the darkness and busyness overload of the second film it was nice to get back to just a fun and simple chase movie. Having Sam Neill back was what made it all work though. He's the perfect reluctant hero. Without him it's not Jurassic Park, just a bunch of assholes running around in the woods with lizards.

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This scene was badass!