Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The URBAN LEGEND series has to be the most disconnected horror movie series ever.  The first two films at least had a killer offing people using urban legends but in Part 3 there's a fucking ghost (!!!) killing the children of the people who accidentally killed her during a high school prank (36 years ago!)...and she's using urban legends, I think. I don't really remember the one about the spider burrowing into my cheek while I'm asleep and then multiplying into a thousand clones of itself while I ram my face into a mirror and then cut my face off with the broken shards of glass urban legend, but whatever.

Anyway, like I said, back in 1969 some high school kids accidentally killed a chick during a prank and now 36 years later she returns to kill the teenage children of the assholes who killed her. Bottom line: zero tits, a few attractive females, multiple boring kills and one way over the top kill (the spider one) that was so ridiculous that I had to watch it twice, semi-confusing story and decent acting. Pretty much it comes off as a 3rd-rate FINAL DESTINATION clone that's worth watching if you're really bored, but don't expect anything amazing.

Part 1
Part 2

This single shot was the highlight of the entire URBAN LEGEND series.

This one...not so much.