Friday, February 8, 2013


Now we're starting to get somewhere.  After the kinda slow, but still mandatory, Part 1 the series finally gets to the good stuff in Part 2 with some pretty cool kills, nudity, counselor hijinks and most importantly: Jason!!!

Five years after the events in Part 1 somebody starts up a counselor training program next door to the still closed Camp Crystal Lake.  It doesn't take long for Jason to show up and start kicking ass...with a hammer, a machete, a butcher knife, whatever...he doesn't give a damn.  That's really about it.  The characters are pretty standard.  I was especially fond of Terry who blessed my childhood with those short shorts and a brief nude scene.  You also got the wheelchair guy who's post-death roll down the stairs has become pretty legendary and the two lovers stabbed through with the spear.

I've seen some people list the body count as 10, but I think it's actually 9.  First let's remove Alice from the equation since she wasn't actually killed during the lake massacre, so now we are down to 8.  Some people include Paul, but I believe that the window scene at the end was actually a dream.  That's backed up by the opening scene of Part 3 (showing Jason still at the shed) and the news report in Part 3 saying there were 8 murders.  Simple enough.

One of the better early 80's slashers.  Recommended.

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