Monday, April 19, 2010


[Update 12/23/2019: the reviews for this entire series are a disaster. I desperately need to redo them all.]

Light Yagami is a college student with a naive outlook on the world: he thinks that if he pursues a career in Law that he will actually be able to make a difference. One night he witnesses something that shatters his beliefs and just a few moments later he finds the Death Note. It's a notebook that belongs to a God of Death (think Grim Reaper) named Ryuk and there's a shitload of rules to it, but simply put: you write a person's name in the book and they fucking die.

That's a huge oversimplification of the story, but I don't want to give too much away, cause the biggest thrill is discovering all the new rules and stuff as the it happens. Some of this stuff is so goddamn silly I was howling with laughter, but it was great! I really can't recommend this movie enough. I had a blast.

Usually I really dislike the use of CGI mixed with live action, but I thought the way Ryuk looked was really cool. At first sight it looked kinda silly, but I quickly grew to like it a lot. Highly recommended.

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