Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, this movie definitely lives up to it's title. It's weird as shit!!! Imagine if Forrest Gump and Karl from SLING BLADE had a love child. His name would be Donnie and this is his story...

Donnie is dumb as a bag of mentally disabled hamsters and he lives with a nice old lady who takes care of him. He spends a lot of time walking around in the woods collecting crap. There's also a gang of local tough guy's who beat him up every once and a while. One day while out wandering around, a teenage girl wearing leg braces comes up to him and starts talking. Her name is Jenny (just like Gump's girlfriend) and soon they are inseparable. Nothing really happens for a long time, just your standard soap opera stuff (mentally disabled philosophy, clumsy sexual fumbling, priest copping a feel of Jenny, etc.), but yet I couldn't stop watching. The entire time I felt there was something sinister lurking just below the surface...and I was right! During the third act the movie goes from zero to Fucking Nutz in the blink of an eye and it just gets wilder and wilder until finally at the end it blows it's mentally disabled load all over the place! It was awesome! I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. Especially his final act with his girlfriend. Holy fook.

THE WEIRDO drinking game: take a shot every time somebody gets slapped.