Monday, April 5, 2010


That's it. I'm buying this motherfucker. Part 2 is even better than the original!!! I really like this story and especially director/writer Takanori Tsujimoto's style. He could make a hundred of these fucking movies and it still wouldn't be enough!

This time around the budget is bigger, the fx and locations are better, the story is deeper and best of all the fight scenes kick even more ass!!! Fuck yeah!

A strange (and hot) girl comes to Milly to help her get revenge of her own, but then, out of nowhere, some armed men attack and Milly kicks their ass. Including hitting one motherfucker so hard both of his eye balls shoot out! The men were sent by the gay lover of the main guy from part 1 and naturally this means Milly's going to have to fight this fatherfucker.

Like I said, things are bigger and better from the first movie, including delving a little deeper into Milly's past and really it just ends up making things even more mysterious than they were before.

I really liked both of these movies a lot and since you can get both on the same DVD I say go for it!