Monday, April 12, 2010


[Update 07/19/2022: Need rewatch this film and redo this review completely. Fix the screenshots also.]

Despite the fact that I found this on the shelf in the Horror section, WHEELS OF TERROR is not a horror movie. It's actually a made-for-TV movie about a person in a creepy looking car who goes around a small desert town kidnapping and raping little girls and sometimes killing them.

The build-up is entertaining enough (for a TV movie), but then the main character, a female school bus driver, sees her daughter snatched up by the creepy car and she chases the dude for like 50 goddamn minutes!!! It has to be the longest car chase in movie history! Sadly though, a lot of it is slow-motion shots.  Still it's pretty entertaining.

That's about it. When the chase ends, the movie ends. I wouldn't say it's worth buying, but if you'd like to see a 2nd rate rip-ff of THE CAR and DUEL then it's worth.