Thursday, April 29, 2010


A sex club bouncer falls in love with one of the prostitutes and wants to run away to a better life. That takes money. They don't have money. While visiting his elderly grandfather, who lives in a small village, the bouncer cases a bank and decides to rob it. His girlfriend insists on coming along. Things don't go so well and even though he gets away with the robbery free and clear he can't leave the village (watch the film to find out why). He stays with his grandfather under the guise of helping him with farm work, but really he's dealing with personal demons and wrestling with the idea of getting revenge on somebody who he thinks did him wrong.

This is not an action packed movie. It's very slow. There's no musical score, only the ambient sounds of whatever is happening onscreen, which is usually not too much. Despite the slow pace I found myself glued to the screen.  REVANCHE is an amazing movie and all of the actors were beyond impressive. I mean there was one scene where the wife of the cop was eating and when he starts talking about the bank robbery she actually started spinning her spaghetti faster on her fork! I know that's a little thing, but I found it drew me even further into the story.

REVANCHE is a great film and very deserving of an audience.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy movie and this is one of the best I've ever seen. The simplified version of the the story is a young man, Gyun-Woo, sees a beautiful (but extremely drunk) woman at the train station. She's teetering on the platform ledge as the train approaches. He pulls her to safety and helps her on the train. He's intrigued by her drunkenness and can't help but watch her...then she vomits on a older man and right before she passes out she calls Gyun-woo "Honey". So now everybody on the train thinks that she's his girlfriend and scolds him about how he can't take care of his girlfriend, etc. Gyun-woo carries her off the train and to a local motel to let her sleep it off. Things happen and when he gets out of the shower naked (remember he has vomit all over him) the cops bust in and arrest him. The next day the Girl calls him (he's at home now) and wants to talk to him. They meet and she is a very demanding person with a lot of obvious pain inside, but Gyun-woo sees there's something sweet underneath and he wants to "heal her sorrow". And that's how their relationship begins.

At first the Girl has a wall up around herself and a lot of what she says is lies or misleading, but then as the film moves along and she begins to heal, we (the audience along with Gyun-woo) start to see through her armor and it's absolutely beautiful. That's all of the story you need to know.

I really fell in love with this movie and cannot say enough wonderful things about it. The best advice I can give you is to pay attention to everything (the handkerchief, the water, the film scripts she writes and especially [SPOILER?] the special passenger in the train). Also watch it more than once. This movie is a lot deeper and there's much more going on beneath the surface than you think. I kinda felt stupid for not seeing the ending earlier, but sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. =P

I do have a few questions though: [SPOILERS!!!] How come the older version of Gyun-woo time-travels alone? Where did the frog in the time capsule come from? (Update: [SPOILER!!!]) I might be going out on a limb here, but maybe the frog was put there by a time traveling Girl who was observing Gyun-woo from off screen. Just a thought. Remember the one film script featured a time traveling girl saving the boy). Was she trying to commit suicide on the anniversary of her ex-boyfriend's death and if so was it his spirit that lead Gyun-woo to her? (Update: that last question is answered in the movie WINDSTRUCK). Why did Gyun-woo have his phone turned off?

Double-feature with CYBORG GIRL.
Director/writer Jae-young Kwak on the left(?).

Biggest clue in the movie is in this shot.